Success Stories

Success Stories

  • Leading manufacturer of Perfumes & Cosmetics partners with UHINTL
    We provide the finest in consumer-preferred flavor and fragrance products with an emphasis on quality, innovation, and creativity. As a result, a leading manufacturer of Perfumes & Cosmetics has started sourcing large quantities of MA from us.

  • Leather Finishing Dye developed in record time
    A special black Dye for leather finishing was developed for a client within 25 days against sample provided by them. The Dye has been quite a success in the international market.

  • Our Food Colors find favour with a leading European company
    A leading European company producing Food Colors has now outsourced to UHINTL for Food Colors because of our ability to deliver high quality consistently. Our portfolio boasts a full range of natural and synthetic colors and we are able to offer the best advice for meeting a client's product requirements.

  • UHINTL emerges as the market leader in the Asian Market
    Keeping up with the group's strategy - "Quality is the best way of eliminating competition", we have been successful in capturing a substantial share of the market for supply of dyes for cotton and intermediates especially in Taiwan and China. The Dyes are mostly used for Batik printing. Brilliant shades & high fastness property put these dyes much above the other dyes for cotton available in the market.

  • Supply & packaging of Leather Dyes outsourced to us
    Capability to supply high quality Dyes for Leather consistently has helped our company achieve a breakthrough with the largest company in Leather Dyes. Since a long time now, we have been supplying & packaging Dyes for many companies.

  • Huge demand for UHINTL Pigments in the Middle East
    A leading manufacturer of Paints sources speciality pigments having brilliant shades. Nitro Cellulose based Ink is a favourite with a lot of Ink manufacturers. Our high performance pigments with aggressive pricing and guaranteed quality save production cost.